Other Projects - Utah CBCP

    Other Projects

    • Parks, Molly. 2015. Participant Perceptions of Range Rider Programs Used to Mitigate Wolf-Livestock conflicts in the Western United States. M.S. Thesis, Utah State University, Logan, UT.  
    • Belton, L. (compiler) 2012. Conservation Programs for Private Lands.  Programs and Resources Available in Utah for Implementation of Utah's Wildlife Action Plan.  A joint project of:  Utah State University Wildlife Extension Community?Based Conservation Program, Utah’s Department of Natural Resources: Endangered Species Mitigation Fund, Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources: Utah’s State Wildlife Action Plan, Quinney Professorship for Wildlife Conflict Management, and Jack H. Berryman Institute.
    • State of Utah Conservation Plan for Greater Sage-grouse.  February 2013.  Link to Plan 
    • Final report from a grazing collaborative group for the three National Forests in Southern Utah. Co-facilitated by Lorien Belton, one of our CBCP team members.
    • Peterson, C. and T.A. Messmer. 2011.  Biological Consequences of Winter-Feeding of Mule Deer in Developed Landscapes in Northern Utah.  Wildlife Society Bulletin 35(3):252-260.  
    • Can Public Meetings Accurately Reflect Public Attitudes Toward Wildlife Management? Article in Journal of Wildlife Management by Chris C. Peterson and Terry A. Messmer. 2010.
    • Assessing the Needs of Sage-Grouse Local Working Groups. Final Technical Report.  by Lorien Belton, Douglas Jackson-Smith, and Terry Messmer.  2009. 
    • Working with Sage-Grouse Local Working Groups.  A Practical Guide for NRCS Staff. by Lorien Belton, Douglas Jackson-Smith, and Terry Messmer. 2009.
    • Sage-grouse Local Working Groups: An Overview of Needs.  Presentation given by Lorien Belton at the NRCS Biologist's Meeting, October 2008.  (large file)
    • PhD Dissertation by Chris C. Peterson "Conservation Implications of Winter-Feeding Policies for Mule Deer in Utah."  Utah State University, Logan, Utah. 2008. 
    • WREN Project - Population Experiments for High School Students.  Powerpoint presentation "Using Scientific Method to Study Wildlife Populations"
    • 1999 Report - Summer Habitat Use and Migration Movements of the Paunsaugunt Plateau Mule Deer Herd.