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    East Box Elder (EBARM)


    • Next Meeting: to be announced.  For more information, contact Dave Dahlgren at dave.dahlgren@usu.edu.  
    • Co-Chairs:  Bret Selman and C. J. Roberts 

    East Box Elder Local Working Group Objectives and Management Plan

    The objectives of the group are as follows:

    • Understand the limiting factors to the sage-grouse population in East Box Elder so that management actions can be taken to help increase the population if possible.
    • Understand what the current population numbers and status are (i.e., lek locations, lek counts, etc.).
    • Gain a better education concerning conservation actions that can be taken in our area for grouse and other resources. We would like to implement an adaptive management/learning process as we move forward into future work and projects.
    • Understand land-use management and how to improve wildlife habitat while continuing land-use practices such as livestock grazing and farming.

    The East Box Elder Local Working Group Management Plan is currently under development.  

    Reports and Publications

    Meeting Minutes:

    Flagship Project

    The group is working to develop projects in this area; please check back.