Uintah Basin (UBARM) - Utah CBCP

    Uintah Basin (UBARM)


    • Next meeting: to be announced.
    • For more information contact Lorien Belton (435-770-2413; lorien.belton@usu.edu).
    • Chairs: Scott Chew and Dave Allison

    Local Working Group (LWG) meetings are held quarterly. Unless otherwise noted the UBARM LWG meets during the following months:

    January: in conjunction with UBPCD meeting (same day)

    • Review plan strategies and actions
    • Discuss spring monitoring and project goals

    March: in conjunction with UBPCD meeting (same day)

    • Updates and coordination regarding habitat or other project implementation and research projects.

    Summer field tour in conjunction with Uintah Basin/Northeast Region PCD

    November/December meeting: in conjunction with UBPCD meeting (same day)

    • Discuss project updates
    • Consider any new threats and any actions to take
    • Propose new projects for funding in the upcoming year

    To be placed on the mailing list, or for specific meeting times and locations, contact Lorien Belton, CBCP Extension Specialist at 435-770-2413 or Lorien.belton@usu.edu.

    UBARM Sage-grouse Conservation Plan

    Sage-grouse Conservation Plan

    Reports and Publications

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    • 2016 Accomplishment Report, Uintah Basin Section, entire LWG report
    • 2015 Accomplishment Report, Uintah Basin Section
    • 2014 Accomplishment Report, Uintah Basin section
    • Thesis by Orrin V. Duvuvuei (2013) Vital Rates, Population Trends, and Habitat-use Patterns of a Translocated Greater Sage-grouse Population: Implications for Future Translocations. Utah State University.
    • Breidinger, Leah S., K.E. Mock, and T.A. Messmer. 2013. Greater sage-grouse and natural gas development in Utah: Using population genetic data for conservation efforts. Western North American Naturalist 73(2):177-183. pdf file
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    • Anadarko Report 2011. The application of GIS, Remote Sensing techniques to field telemetry data to model and map sage-grouse (Centrocercus spp.) seasonal habitat-use on Seep Ridge and East Bench and other areas in Utah: Implications for Guiding Sustainable Energy Development in the West.
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    • Anthro Mountain Report: Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat Restoration - Phase II: Restoration of Habitats Encroached by Pinyon-Juniper
    • Anthro Mountain Grazing Preliminary Project Report
    • 2009 Preliminary Report on Lop and Scatter Project on Anthro Mountain
    • 2008 Report on Prescribed Fire Research Activities
    • 2008 Accomplishment Report, Uintah Basin section
    • 2008 Annual Report of USU Research Activities
    • 2007Annual Report of USU Research Activities
    • 2006-7 Accomplishment Report; Uintah Basin section
    • Master's Thesis by Leah Smith. 2009. Greater Sage-grouse and Energy Development in Northeastern Utah: Implications for Management


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