Sagebrush Ecosystem Conservation

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The Sagebrush Ecosystem Conservation: All Lands, All Hands Conference was held February 23 to 25, 2016, in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Great Basin Consortium, the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, and Utah State University are co-sponsoring this conference to continue sharing the latest information and to plan for the conservation, restoration, and maintenance of resilient sagebrush ecosystems. Session topics are listed below.  Recorded proceedings are now available at no charge. Please see the conference website for details:  


Recent unprecedented collaboration between management agencies, scientists, private landowners, industry, and others working to sustain healthy sagebrush ecosystems across all boundaries demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach.  The conference will highlight and enhance the work of wildlife and land managers, scientists, students, private landowners and industry, and others to sustain healthy and resilient sagebrush ecosystems.


Sessions Included:
Weed Summit Outcome
Secretarial Order Overview
Brome Grasses: impacts, invasiveness, socioeconomics, and management prospects
Multi-species Management
Conifer Expansion: science and management
Engaging Stakeholders - What works, what doesn’t and why?
Putting Resilience and Resistance Concepts into Practice
Traditional Knowledges for Resource Managers
Livestock Grazing and the Sagebrush Ecosystems: Policy and Management
Hydrology of Sagebrush Ecosystems
Native Plants
Livestock Grazing and Sagebrush Ecosystems: Science and Management
Seed Strategy
Managing Wildfire
Vulnerability Assessments for Managers
Invasive Plant Species
Landscape Conservation Design
Poster Session