Southwest Desert

  • Next Meeting:  March 21, 2017, beginning at 10 am at the Iron County Extension Office in Cedar City.  Contact Nicki Frey at or 435-586-1924 for more information.   
  • Please contact Mark Nelson at 435-438-6450 (Millard County) or Chad Reid at 435-586-8132 (Iron County) for more information.
  • Chairs: Chad Reid

Southwest Desert Local Working Group Sage-grouse Conservation Plan

Southwest Desert Adaptive Resource Management Sage-grouse Plan 2008      Updated Threat Table, February 2013

  2010 Plan of Work

2010 Action Report



Reports and Publications

  • 2016 Accomplishment Report, Southwest Desert Section, entire report
  • BLM Presentation by Quincey Bahr, Dec. 2016, Instructional Memoranda for Implementation of Greater Sage-grouse RMP Ammendments.
  • 2015 Accomplishment Report, Southwest Desert Section
  • Erica Hansen, 2014. End of summer research report. Impacts of Transmission Line Construction on Sage-grouse in Southern Utah.
  • 2014 Accomplishment Report, SWARM section
  • Cheyenne Burnett, 2013.  Modeling Habitat Use of a Fringe Greater Sage-grouse Population at Multiple Spatial Scales.  Thesis, Utah State University, Logan, Utah.
  • Cheyenne Burnett, 2013 Thesis Presentation. Unique Habitat use in a fringe Greater Sage-grouse population.  mp3 file
  • 2012 Accomplishment Report, Southwest Desert Section
  • Heather H. McPherron and S. Nicki Frey. 2012. The Effect of Fences on Greater Sage-grouse Within Two Small Populations in Southwestern Utah. Presentation given at the Central Mountains and Plains Section of The Wildlife Society Conference in Mandan, North Dakota. (large file)
  • Cheyenne Burnett and Nicki Frey. 2012. Unique Habitat Use in a Greater Sage-grouse Fringe Population. Poster presented at The Wildlife Society Annual Meetings. (large file)
  • 2011 Accomplishment Report, Southwest Desert Section
  • 2011 Presentation to County Commission (large file)
  • 2010 Accomplishment Report, Southwest Desert Section
  • 2010 NRCS brochure "Introduction to NRCS' New Sage-grouse Initiative: Wildlife Conservation Through Sustainable Ranching"
  • SWARM Action Report for 2007
  • Integrity Table, May 2008
  • 2008 Accomplishment Report; Southwest Desert Section
  • 2006-7 Accomplishment Report; Southwest Desert Section
  • 2007 Hamlin Valley Report by R.L. Boswell and N.S. Frey. The effects of Tebuthurion on Shrub Steppe Ecology and Greater Sage Grouse Use in Lower Hamlin Valley, Utah. 




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